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We provide a broad range of services, including SEO analysis, SEO strategy implementation, Pay-Per-Click Management, Paid Inclusion, eMail Marketing, Press Releases, Newsletters, and Online Media Buying.

You need to have more than one blog going and you need to have good content. Good content creates a "sticky" effect on site visitors and encourage readers to re-visit your blog after their first visit. Blogs need to be updated daily or at least weekly with new content. Regular posting is essential to keep your readers coming back.

If writing is not your forte, or blogging takes up too much of your time, you should consider outsourcing this to a professional. At Ifasoft, we have a team of experience copywriters and researchers who are able to post content on your blogs regularly for you. Please contact us for a no-obligation price qoute.
Blog Marketing and Social Marketing Services

Blog marketing and social marketing is about communicating your products and services with a target audience in mind. Blogs are used to create awareness, inform and sell your products and services and you can add a social mix to optimize your site on the search engines.

Why Do I Need Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing, which is often overlooked by so-called SEO Professionals, is an important component of Search Engine Marketing. Again, with Blog Marketing, content is a key factor for the success of your blogs.

If internet users cannot find your site in the search engines then your site will receive fewer visits. Increase visits to your site and you have increased opportunities for more business. Remember that all sales from websites start with a potential visitor searching of specific interest to them in a search engine. Google is by far the most popular search engine, delivering three times the traffic of Yahoo!

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