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In 2007, we have incorporated search engine optimization consultancy into our web design services - in response to evolving demands from the internet world, Ifasoft becomes a seo-focused company. If you are only interested in our SEO services, please contact us.

Website Design
The strength of our web design is in the navigation and content layout. You can be assured that our design for your site will be visually attractive and appealing for your target audience. We take care to marry functionality with design so that the “look” reflects your brand image that you wish to achieve for your site. We do not work with template designs. Each web site project is faithfully developed to your needs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our web design.

Website Planning

Imperative for a successful web site is the initial stages of project planning and strategy. We involve our client with the process of defining the project objectives and evaluating the competition and identifying where your industry is headed. All these factors form the basis for organizing the web page layout and content and setting up the website architecture.
Website Architecture

Determine how many pages for the site, what content goes on each page and how they should be organized. Defining what information needs to be on the site and understanding how to logically place the information requires creativity that can either give you a visually attractive and effective web site or give your visitors a lot of painful maneuvering and an eyesore. If users get lost because of the navigation, they will most likely click away and not visit your site again.
Website Content

Site content often takes back seat with most web designers. It is also the most difficult and time consuming part of developing a website. It involves compiling relevant information on your company, your products and services. All this information must be written so it is in the same tense, tone and voice. Preferably, maximizing the use of key search words for search engine optimization. A good copywriter may have to be enlisted if you are to optimize your website as a marketing and sales tool.

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