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With thousands of companies in the world competing for clients, it has become essential for companies to appear on the top pages in search engines... we look at your competition and optimize your site for top ranking!


SEO copywriting necessitates the use of specific keywords that will generate a reasonable amount of searches on the major engines. Prior to writing SEO content, we need to conduct thorough keyword research to find the best keywords for your pages. We will then map out the requirements before crafting keyword-optimized web content that not only appeals to the search engines but also provide valuable content for your site visitors. This is one aspect of an SEO copywriting service that you should treat as being essential. The copywriting should not be merely for the sake of driving traffic to your site but to also provide content that will “sticker appeal” to new site visitors and encourage returning site visitors.

SEO, or Search Engine optimization, is essentially the science of creating websites that rank high in search engine result pages. It is considered one of the most beneficial forms of creating website traffic that is comparatively inexpensive (as compared to PPC and other forms of paid advertising). If you have already researched your own keywords we can work using your keyword list and we can also adhere to your keyword density rules if you have your own preferences.

SEO Copywriting Options
It is important not to overlook other aspects of your content besides the sprinkling of keywords throughout the body of the content. IFASOFT Search Engine optimization copywriting service can provide work in Word format or in text and HTML format including the required HTML tags. Some important tags that can help to increase your search engine ranking include:

  • Meta tags – Keyword, Description, and Title
  • Subheader tags – H1, H2, etc…
  • Text formatting – Bold, underline, and other formats.
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